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Gore Verbinski, David Fincher and Michael Bay. These are names of well-known movie directors in recent times. They have another thing in common, which not many people might know. And that is making music videos before they stepped into the movie industry.

What I like about their movies, is that they contain the influences from music videos, with shots that are complex, and usually more slick and stylised.


Gore Verbinski

Gore Verbinski was born March 16, 1964. Verbinski's famous for his work on Pirates on the Caribbean trilogy and the American remake of the Japanese horror film, The Ring.

So far, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has grossed over $2.68 billion worldwide.

His other notable films are Mouse Hunt, The Mexican, The Weather Man and Rango, an animated feature starring Johnny Depp, Timothy Olyphant and Bill Nighy. Rango is scheduled to be released in early 2011.

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His first films were a series of 8 mm films called "The Driver Files" circa 1979, when he was a young teen. Although most associate Verbinski with feature films, he started his career directing music videos for bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, 24-7 Spyz and Monster Magnet working at Palomar Pictures. This was not surprising to his friends in Los Angeles, since he had been in various punk and rock bands; the Daredevils, for instance, included then-departed member of Bad Religion Brett Gurewitz.

Verbinski moved from music videos to commercials, where he worked for many brand names including Nike, Coca-Cola, Canon, Skittles and United Airlines.

One of his most famous commercials was for Budweiser, featuring frogs who croak the brand name. For his efforts in commercials, Verbinski won four Clio Awards and one Cannes Advertising Silver Lion.

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"Cowboys of the Sahara"

The trailer for Gore Verbinski's Rango is awesome!

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